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3-step foot care regime

3-step foot care regime

Step 1 - File

First off, we need to clear away that hard skin. If the skin has hardened and lost its colour, no amount of moisturising will clear it. It’s best to exfoliate and remove the dry, hard skin and nourish the healthy skin underneath. 

Starting with dry feet - as wet feet can mask the affected areas -  gently scrub the dry skin with a product like Scholl's Expert Care File & Smooth Foot File or our Scholl Callus File.

Step 2 - Wash and Scrub

We’ll then need to wash our feet to remove any of the dry skin. If possible, try and use an exfoliating scrub which could help lift and remove any dry and damaged skin.

Step 3 - Rehydrate

Finally, now that we’ve treated the dry skin, we need to rehydrate and nourish the newly exposed skin. To give your feet the best possible start, we’d recommend using our specially formulated Scholl ExpertCare PediMask™ Macadamia. Alternatively, you can also use a rich nourishing cream like our Eulactol Heel Balm Gold 60ml.



That’s it! If you follow these three simple steps you’ll be on your way to softer, smoother skin!

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