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Scholl, have over 100 years of expertise and consumer trust in efficacious products that are backed by science and research. Our products are made for your feet, and we are so confident you will love it, that we are offering a 90 day money back guarantee on participating insole products. Feet are the foundation of wellbeing, fitness and enjoying life, get the best care for them! Prevent tired and aching feet, to keep you moving, happy and healthy!

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

Buy a participating insole from an authorised retailer, don’t forget to keep your receipt and packaging.
Follow back of pack instruction  to customize and fit the insole into your shoe, and wear for 45 days
Not satisfied? Click on the ‘claim here’ button below to make a claim. You have 90 days from purchase to do so.
Enter required details for an instant refund into your nominated bank account.

Having trouble with your claim?

Contact us on 1300 501 020