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Recover Quicker, Train Harder, Run Further

Recover Quicker, Train Harder, Run Further

Resting is as important to recovery as your training is

Are you ready to slow down after the finish line? The more equipped you are for your recovery, the quicker you can race again.

Train harder, run further, recover quicker

Discover how Scholl can help you reach your running goals! Take good care of those feet with Scholl’s extensive footcare range, so they can take you where your heart wants to go.

In the words of an Elite!

Two time Australian Olympian & five time commonwealth Games Athlete, Eloise Wellings, trusts in Scholl’s products to keep her at per best!

Eloise is a long time fan of Scholl helping her run at her best to achieve incredible goals. Eloise says:

“To get the most out of training you have to recover well otherwise you don’t absorb the work. You need to intentionally rest in order to become fitter and stronger".

Eloise uses Scholl Blister Plasters and Scholl Compression Socks after racing and training to ensure she recovers, heals, ready to go again!

For solution that cater to your running needs, check out the below products and how they can help you moving towards your goals!