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Essentials for a successful race day

Essentials for a successful race day

As Australia’s #1 foot care brand, our sole (see what we did there!) purpose is to ensure your feet’s happiness. Therefore, we know a thing or two about what is needed to achieve your best results during a race. 

We know that trying to do everything right can be slightly overwhelming, so we wanted to give you our absolute favourite essentials, that we know will bring you comfort when you need it the most. Keeping your foot regime simple is key to being able to focus on the physical endeavour of running, and not having to worry about details that could make or break the situation!

When running for uninterrupted periods of time and long distances, there are several things you’ll have noticed become quite bothersome. From aches and pains to sweating and moisture, your feet take the brunt of the effort. 

These are all things that the GelActiv® Sport Insoles work hard at preventing, so that you don’t have to. The GelWave™ memory foam cushion provides your feet with a solid but comfy base, and is topped off with an odour-resistant top cloth to help you feel as fresh as possible throughout the big day. The extra support insoles like these give you is invaluable to your overall performance during the event. 

You might also experience the unpleasant occurrence of post-training and post-race blisters. Regular plasters don’t tend to cut it when it comes to regular running, often slipping out of place and causing even more discomfort. This is where your best friend will be a solid, specific blister plaster that holds firmly in place, but you also want to be working on helping facilitate the healing process too. Scholl’s Blister Plasters do both of these things, being 100% waterproof and holding for up to seven days, as well as containing hydrochloride technology that facilitates the healing process. 

When the going gets tough, small improvements like these to your feet’s comfort will be your secret tools to push through and make it to the finish line.


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