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At Scholl, we want to help you prepare, participate, and recover this running season. We’ll be sharing hot tips on how you can care for your feet, from race to recovery, and we’ll help you get back to enjoying your life to the fullest.

With 100 years of expertise, we are global leaders in creating science-based footcare solutions. Our founder, Dr. William Scholl, had a vision to give the world healthier feet. Today, Scholl still aims to help the world see their feet differently and make sure every step you take is your healthiest. That’s why we’re supporting you on your running journey, to ensure your feet are able to take you where your heart wants to go.

Looking after your mind, body and sole

Your foot health is directly linked to your overall wellbeing. So taking care of your feet isn’t just about getting them to look great. It’s about feeling great. Your first ever run, your new personal best or your first completed race – your mind, body and sole needs to be in tip-top condition! And with Scholl, getting healthy, happy feet is now easier than ever.

Need support on your running journey?

1. Training TLC

Get the best start to your runs by giving your feet some extra care.  A good foot care routine including exfoliation and moisturising is essential to prevent cracked, callus and rough soles. And to get you even further, use Scholl Blister Plasters to prevent blisters in the common spots to ensure you are able to continue your training program. If you are too late to prevent, they help with the healing process and provide instant pain relief!

2. Run the right way

Every step puts extra pressure on the ball of your foot and your heel which can cause shock induced stress in your feet and legs. You need all the support you can get during your runs. Scholl’s range of GelActiv® insoles help to distribute pressure to help stop tired, achy feet.

3. Post-run recovery

Have your rest day the right way. Rest is a key piece to your overall fitness and recovery, and Scholl have the products to assist you. Studies show that compression socks can help reduce muscle damage, inflammation and improve circulation. Scholl flight socks, are your perfect compression sock companion, to ensure your legs recover and get you back out there!

Good luck with your training program!

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