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Gel Insoles

Scholl LiquiFlex™ Extra Support Insole (Small)

Product Description

Amazing Comfort & Support all day. Scholl LiquiFlex™ Extra Support Insole actively adjusts to the shape of your feet and your individual movements.
  • Memory Foam providing 150% more Cushioning (vs no insole) while walking
  • Spring effect to every step with rebound GelActiv™ material
  • Fresh-feeling feet with Odour-resistant top-cloth

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New LiquiFlex™ Insoles are Scholl’s best ever insoles.

Designed & Developed with leading podiatrists with 5-in-1 technology to give you superb, personalised comfort all day.

Thanks to LiquiFlex™, Memory Foam and GelActiv® technology, the insoles actively adjust to the shape of your feet and your individual movements, to prevent you from getting tired feet

Your shoes’ current insoles might be removable – take them out first

  • Check the sizing guide
  • If needed, trim along the line in the toe area that matches your shoe size or use the original insole as a guide
  • Insert Scholl Liquiflex Insoles with Liquiflex pod facing side down
  • The insole should lay flat. Additional trimming may be required for a perfect fit.

1 Pair

Designed & developed with leading podiatrists to give you superb, personalized comfort all day
Scholl LiquiFlex™ Everyday Insoles use memory foam and GelActiv™ technology to adjust to the shape of your feet and provide amazing comfort.
Memory foam
100% more cushioning with Memory Foam
Arch support
Defined heel cup and arch for all day support
LiquiFlex™ technology
70% better shock absorption with LiquiFlex™
GelActiv™ technology
Rebound GelActiv™ technology to give you spring effect at every step
Odour resistant
Top-cloth guards against odour
Cut to size
Customise to your perfect shoe size and shape