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Gel Insoles

Scholl GelActiv® Female Insoles for Everyday Heels

Product Description

Scholl GelActiv Insoles for Women Everyday Heels Shoe Cushioning and Comfort provides cushion soft all day
  • Built-in arch support; extra cushioning on the ball and arch
  • Does not crowd toes
  • Stays firmly in place

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Scholl GelActiv® Insoles offer extra comfort for flat shoes. Designed for narrow style flat shoes to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption under the heels for lighter feeling feet all day. Does not crowd toes. Stays firmly in place. Suitable for flat shoes and boots. Suitable for shoe sizes UK: 3-75, AUS: 4-8, EUR: 35-40.5

Scholl GelActiv® Female Insoles for Flat Shoes offer all day comfort.

1 Pair

Optimum all day comfort
Scholl GelActiv™ Insoles for Everyday Heels are proven to effectively absorb micro shocks and help reduce excessive pressure of walking or daily activities.
All day comfort
Stays firmly in place all day
Shaped for comfort
Superior (vs not wearing insoles) support for everyday comfort
Double comfort
Double the cushioning (vs not wearing insoles)
Shock absorption
Extra cushioning on the ball & arch of the foot
GelActiv® material
GelActiv™ technology with built-in arch support

Discontinue use if you experience adverse reaction.