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Foot Files

Scholl Hard Skin Remover Foot File

Product Description

Achieve smoother feet in minutes with our Nano Glass Foot File, using advanced nano technology to effortlessly buff away hard, callused skin.

  • Gentle on skin, hard on calluses
  • Suitable for wet or dry skin
  • Instant results from the very first use

The even distribution of exfoliation points and nano-level grinding technology make it more effective than traditional methods. Gentle to the skin, this next-generation foot file offers a comfortable alternative to harsh methods. Durable, washable, reusable, and portable, it's ideal for daily use and travel. Say goodbye to hiding your feet – regain confidence after just one use. Restore your cracked feet to their natural, silky-smooth state and confidently flaunt sandals or walk barefoot once more.

  1. Soak your feet in warm water and pat them dry before filing.
  2. Gently rub Scholl's Hard Skin Remover Foot File
  3. Use a towel or rinse away the filed off dead skin.
  4. Apply your favourite foot cream which will stop hard skin and calluses from re-emerging and keep the skin protected.

1 Pack

Instant results from the very first use
Transform your dry, hard feet in minutes using nano technology to buff away hard, callused skin
Easy to use
Convenient and easy to use ergonomic design
Removes hard skin
Multidirectional, micro-grinding points immediately remove hard and callused skin
Everyday use
Uniquely shaped file to reach difficult curved contours