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Corns & Calluses

Scholl Corn Removal Plaster Waterproof

Product Description

Scholl Corn Removal Plasters Washproof medicated disc system for effective corn removal and immediate cushioning relief.
  • Contain salicylic acid
  • Medicated to relieve and remove corn on toes
  • Soft cushioning pads which offer immediate pressure relief and foot corn removal

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    Scholl Corn Removal Plasters Washproof are especially developed for use on hard corns. Contains fast acting medicated discs which ensure that only the specific problem area is treated, without affecting the surrounding skin.

    • The super soft water resistant plasters provide cushioning and protection.
    • The special adhesive strap facilitates firm fixing.

    Feet should be clean and dry. Remove disc and plaster from backing paper. Place adhesive surface of medicated disc firmly over centre of corn and cover with plaster. Press down firmly and secure with adhesive straps. Repeat treatment daily until corn is completely removed.

    8 plasters and 8 medicated discs

    Targeted medicated action for the removal of corns
    The medicated disc is covered by a plaster, which has a soft circular cushion for pain and pressure relief. The plaster also has slim straps, which wrap around the toe and help ensure the cushion is held securely in place over the disc.
    Pain relief
    Soft cushioning pad for pain and pressure relief
    Unique shape
    Optimum size and shape for effective relief and protection from pressure
    Slim strap
    The slim straps wrap around the toe and help ensure the cushion is held securely in place over the corn
    Sticks instantly and stays in place
    Medicated action
    Includes salicylic acid