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Corns & Calluses

Scholl Callus Hard Skin Manual File

Product Description

Scholl Callus File instantly removes the build up of callus and hard skin.
  • Specially designed handle for ease of use
  • Can treat any area of the foot without difficulty
  • Hygienic and durable

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Scholl Callus Hard Skin Manual File effectively removes hard skin and callus due to its different abrasive surfaces. With its specially designed handle, any area of the foot can be treated without difficulty.

First use the coarse side to remove more severe callus and then the finer side to rub away hard, rough skin. In order to prevent rough hard skin from building up again, use a moisturising product such as Scholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream.

1 Pack

Leaves feet feeling smooth and soft
Scholl Callus Hard Skin Manual File not only rough and dry but also hard skin, to leave feet soft and smooth
Softer skin
Help soften and reduce hard skin
Softer feet
Leave feet feeling soft
Unique shape
Uniquely shaped file to reach difficult curved contours
Easy to use
Easy to grip handle to make filing easier