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The top 10 footcare products to help with runner’s feet

The top 10 footcare products to help with runner’s feet

Whether you’re running a casual 5k at your local park, or training for an intense ultra marathon along the coast, it’s important to keep your feet fit and healthy. The way you look after your feet can have a huge impact on comfort, wellbeing and your overall performance.

‘Runner’s feet’ is a term commonly used to describe a wide-ranging number of foot issues, which, as the name suggests, are often caused by running. From short-term ailments such as common blisters and calluses, to more long-lasting and painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia, there are a number of foot-related issues that can be caused by running.

Scholl offers a wide range of foot care products perfect for runners, as well as plenty of ways to make running just a little bit more friendly for your feet.

For pre-run, mid-training and post-race, see how Scholl can help you on your running journey.

Here’s our top ten Scholl foot care products to help prevent or alleviate runner’s feet:

  1. To increase blood circulation and achieve healthy smooth skin, use Scholl ExpertCare File and Smooth 2-in-1 Electronic Foot File System weekly for effortless exfoliation.
  2. Restore dry skin and prevent calluses and cracked heels with our range of intensely hydrating and diabetic-friendly Scholl PediMasks.
  3. To revive cracked heels and dry skin in 7 days, with visible results in one day, try our podiatrist-recommended and diabetic-friendly Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm Gold. It hydrates, softens and smooths to get those feet prepared for race day.
  4. Remove calluses and hard skin build up (and achieve race-ready feet!) with Scholl ExpertCare Hard Skin Remover Foot File.
  5. Those with tired and achy feet during long tough runs will benefit from using Scholl GelActiv Sport insoles for added shock absorption, cushioning and odour control.
  6. For specific foot, back and leg pain, Scholl orthotics can help to alleviate mild pain and pressure on race day.
  7. If you’re worried about irritated or broken toenails and sore, rubbing toes, using a Scholl Toe & Finger Gel Protector can work wonders.
  8. Help reduce inflammation and improve circulation post run with Scholl Travel & Compression Socks.
  9. Blisters do happen from time to time. Keeping Scholl Blister Plasters in your running pack can help alleviate pain and discomfort.
  10. Feel confident in taking your shoes off (pre or post-run) with Scholl Fresh Step Antiperspirant Foot Spray.


Preventative foot care for runner’s feet 

Preparing your feet for running multiple times a week is just as important as fuelling your body with the right food. You can’t run without fuel, and you can’t run without healthy feet either. 

Your feet take a huge amount of force with each step, and so a simple foot care routine could make a huge difference. For example, exfoliating your feet can not only help with blood circulation but, when paired with a quality foot cream, ensures maximum absorption to hydrate and restore the skin.

Using an electric foot file or a manual foot file can both help you on your way to smoother feet.

Pair hard skin removal with hydration boosting foot cream for daily use, foot masks for pampering, and heel balm for cracked heels, and your feet will be ready to pound paths, roads and trails in no time.


Foot care for run training and race day

There’s nothing worse than picking up an injury during a training period, and experiencing any discomfort on race day can really affect your intended goal time and overall enjoyment.

During training periods, it’s a good idea to test products that might help with tired and aching feet on race day. 

Insoles can offer shock absorption and additional cushioning, helping to prevent runner’s feet by alleviating any unnecessary pressure and force with every step. Scholl GelActiv® Insoles are designed to fit into sports shoes and are made with revolutionary Gel Wave™ technology that act like tiny springs to absorb shock and new top cloth designs to keep feet odour-free, dry and cool all day. 

When you’re preparing for race day, keep in mind that injuries aren’t limited to when you are training. It’s always a good idea to give your feet some extra cushioning when you’re working and doing everyday activities too.

For those already experiencing foot problems, changing your running goals doesn’t have to be the case. Our In-Balance® Arch Pain Relief Orthotic can help to reduce pressure for those suffering with a flattening arch, and the In-Balance® Heel Pain Relief Orthotic reduces pressure on ligaments and tendons to help relieve heel pain to ensure that you can go that extra distance.

Plantar fasciitis is a common overuse injury found in runners. The plantar fascia is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the longitudinal arch, becoming irritated, inflamed or torn by repetitive stresses placed upon it. Scholl’s Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics is a full-length insole with additional heel and arch support that helps alleviate mild pain associated with the initial stages of Plantar Fasciitis.

Long distance runners can suffer from a number of runner’s feet issues, though perhaps most commonly is toes rubbing against one another or inside a shoe. Equally, toenails have been known to fall off over long distances, and so providing them with protection in the form of a toe protector can help avoid that happening.


Post-race foot care for runner’s feet 

You’ve done it. You’ve crossed the finish line, and the feeling is sweet. But your feet are not. Rest is now your friend, and we’ve got the products to help you on your way to recovery. 

For long-distance runners, compression socks can help to reduce muscle damage, inflammation, and improve circulation - therefore helping with muscle recovery. Hopefully, you won’t have suffered from too many blisters, but blister plasters can provide immediate relief and help them on their way to recovery.

Your running shoes are likely to have taken a bit of a beating throughout your running journey. Breathe a bit of life back into your shoes with Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray.

Wherever you are in your running journey, make sure to look after your feet, and the rest will take care of itself!