Scholl Party Feet® Hidden Arch Support

  • With GelActiv® technology – superior shock absorption & cushioning performance.
  • Clear gel, slim and discreet
  • Non-slip technology to stay firmly in place
  • Fits comfortably in most women’s shoes



Scholl Party Feet® Arch Support helps provide effective cushioning and protection for your feet.

Safety Information

Discontinue use if you experience adverse reaction.

Usage Information

– Identify left and right foot symbols on each arch support
– Trial placement in the shoe before removing the protective film
– Ensure the cushion sits under the natural arch of the foot (see picture for accurate placement)
– Peel protective film off cushions and apply to the shoe sticky side down
– Reposition if required, ensuring the cushions are in the same position in each shoe
– Take care when removing, pull slowly and gently out of the shoe, applying pressure to the shoe insole next to the arch support with the other hand
– Replace after 6 months or first signs of wear

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