Gelactiv® Work Insoles – Women


  • GelActiv® Technology – Helps to reduce excessive pressure of walking or daily activities.
  • All Day Shock Absorption* – All day comfort for hardworking feet.
  • Helps to reduce excessive pressure of walking or being on your feet for a longer period.
  • Powerful odour neutralisers.
  • Keep feet feeling cool & dry all day long.
  • Designed to fit work shoes or boots



Scholl GelActiv® Work

Why use Scholl GelActiv® Work? It is developed to effectively absorb shocks and help reduce the excessive pressure being put on your feet for a long period.

– All day shock absorption especially on hard surfaces

– Impact cushioning for heel, knees & ankles

– Sole-shape design for all day comfort

Ways to help prevent tired feet:

– Wear shoes that fit well and provide appropriate cushioning and support

– Move around frequently to facilitate circulation

– Sit down and put your feet up when on break

– Maintain optimal body weight

GelActiv® Technology: GelActiv® technology provide superior shock absorption & cushioning performance* (*vs not wearing insoles) with the ergonomically designed gel insert integrated in the insole. GelActiv® is effective in absorbing micro shocks and helps in reducing the excessive pressure from daily activities.

SoleShape Design: The Scholl GelActiv® insoles help reduce excessive pressure under the foot by having an efficient design lay-out of contact areas and pressure distribution.

Usage Information

– Trim to fit if necessary. Cut along the outline that matches your shoe size or use the original insole as a guide. – For best results, remove existing insole and replace with Scholl GelActiv® insoles with the Gel side Down. Replace the insoles when showi
To clean, simply wipe with a warm soapy cloth (do not soak).