Scholl Callus Removal Pads

  • Immediate pain and pressure relief
  • Optimum size and shape for effective relief and protection from pressure
  • Targeted medicated action for effective removal of calluses under the foot
  • Ultra soft pads
  • Sticks instantly and stays firmly in place



Scholl Callus Removal Pads use targeted medicated action for the removal of calluses. This involves the use of a medicated disc containing salicylic acid, which gradually breaks down the callus.

Safety Information

Keep out reach of children
For external use only
Do not use if callus or surrounding skin is inflamed or broken
Do not apply to normal skin
Do not use if you are sensitive to aspirin or any of the ingredients [insert hyperlink to ingredients section]
Avoid taking any medicines during pregnancy and lactation unless prescribed by a doctor
Children under 16 years old should seek medical advice before use
Do not use for more than 14 days, except on medical advice
Discontinue use and remove product if excessive discomfort, irritation or sensitivity develops
Not suitable for people with diabetes or those with severe circulatory disorders, except with a doctor’s permission and recommendation


Salicylic acid (40%), mineral oil, petroleum hydrocarbon resin, talc, synthetic isoprene rubber, iron oxides, antioxidant (CAS 991-84-4)

Usage Information

Ensure feet are clean and dry
Remove the brown adhesive disc from the backing paper and place firmly on the centre of the callus
Then remove the cover pad from the backing paper and place it centrally over the medicated disc
Press gently on the pad for a few moments to stick it in place
Apply a new medicated disc and cover plaster daily
The treatment may be continued for up to 14 days
Several days after the final treatment, the callus should come away from the surrounding skin as layers of hard skin. The callus should not be picked at, but be allowed to loosen naturally
Following treatment, it is advisable to continue to protect the area with a pad or cushion, until the callus has been removed and the skin has fully healed

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